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What's a Convivium?

Great question. Convivium means living together. This project brings together citizens of differing convictions and religious confessions to contend for the role of faith in our common life.

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What do I get with membership?

Members of Convivium get the magazine, of course. But more than that, you join a community of citizens committed to the renewal of Canadian culture. You will receive special event invitations, including discount rates for paid members. You will get the monthly Convivium, including fresh reflections from the desk of publisher Peter Stockland. And you'll be equipped to join or lead a Convivium Connection group in your area.

Why does Convivium exist?

If you want to know how to defend the role of religion in public life; if you want to show your children that a faithful citizen is not a contradiction in terms; if you want to encourage university students to challenge the secularist myths they are regularly taught—then you need to join Convivium.

Led by two of Canada's top religious voices—Peter Stockland and Father Raymond J. de Souza—the Convivium Project stands alone in the print world, engaging Canadians who take faith seriously.

CardusConvivium is published by Cardus, a leading think tank and registered charity. Cardus exists to renew North American social architecture, Convivium exists to articulate and protect a place for faithful citizens.



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