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Convivium promotes and defends faith in our common life.

North American life hums with the assumption that every private concern is now fit material for public debate and social action—every concern, that is, except for religious faith. National columnist Fr. Raymond de Souza, as editor of Convivium, pushes back on this marginalization of religion, though from a posture of engaging persuasion rather than culture war combativeness.

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Editor Raymond de Souza and Publisher Peter Stockland watch current events and shake them down through the particular Convivium lense: faith in our common life.


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From Vancouver to Jerusalem to Sochi, Fr. Raymond uncovers faith in our common life across the globe.


All You Need Is Love

"Most people don't understand that the sacrament of marriage is ministered by the couple itself," says Peter Stockland. "The spouses are the ones who are responsible."


Should there be room in secular Canada for religion?

Father Raymond J. de Souza spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Canadian Club of Hamilton on December 11, 2014.


Finding a Global Common Grammar

At the Transatlantic Christian Council last month, Cardus executive vice president Ray Pennings spoke with Acton Institute co-founder Father Robert A. Sirico about how to have conversations about faith that can span cultures.


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No one talking about Palestinian question

When Israeli voters go to the polls in three weeks to elect a new Knesset, the entire Palestinian issue will be in the background.


Not even Supreme Court justices are above the law

Transplanted Calgarian Pierre Poilievre brings a western sensibility to the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper


This week in jihad

Egyptians Christians are slaughtered at the edge of the sea, while a Jewish school in Paris now must also be a garrison